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A Little Bit About Me

From an early age, my life has been defined by a series of moves around the world. This culture-hopping led me to develop a great interest in connecting with people, and especially through collective story-telling. So, I began learning different languages and writing styles, and eventually started crafting my own stories.

When I write, my goal is to immerse people in worlds to such a profound degree that they become emotionally invested in what feels like a real environment guided by meaningful choices. My love for game writing is essentially a deep desire to co-write an impactful narrative with the player(s). In sum, my hope is that they will laugh, cry, and feel represented.

I also game in my free time, and tend to sway towards anything lore-heavy and narrative-driven. But if I had to pick some favourite settings, then I'd say I'm keen on neon noir, detective mysteries and whodunnits, sci-fi dystopias, and the post-apocalyptic (Disco Elysium, Cyberpunk, Stray, Fallout, Portal), and anything with a Dungeons & Dragons feel (Kingdoms of Amalur, Baldur's Gate III...).

When I'm not playing video games or hosting tabletop games, I'm petting my cat Ekko, learning Unreal 5, and concocting the best  homemade iced tea you've never had - probably. I also spend a lot of my time dedicated to diversity and inclusion, both in life and story-telling, committed to bringing that dedication with me wherever I go.

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